Getting started at CrossFit Alpharetta is easy!


If you have previous experience at a CrossFit affiliate, it’s as simple as contacting us to set up a FREE Trial Class.

For those of you with less experience, we offer Beginner Friendly Classes. These classes will feature a scaled-down version of the day's program, allowing our new members to ramp up slowly while learning the Whats, Whys, and Hows of CrossFit Alpharetta's program to still achieve a great workout.

Contact us to join in! As always, your first class is FREE!

Our Beginner Friendly Classes are available nine times per week. Our coaches will teach you all about the program here at CrossFit Alpharetta which includes our day-to-day model, nutrition information, and goal formation. In each class, we will teach you new movements that we use every day at CrossFit Alpharetta.  When you feel ready to graduate to the open-level classes, you will be prepared to succeed! This class will give you a chance to see why the CrossFit Alpharetta family is a good fit for you.

When can I join?

Beginner Friendly Classes are held Monday-Friday at 9:30 AM and Monday-Thursday at 7:30 PM.

Beginners may also attend Saturday and Sunday classes as well as Open Gym on those days.



Unlimited: $175.00
3x/week: $145.00

Couples :$315.00

See our Rates page for details!