Justin Tway



Justin started CrossFit/eating better in 2008 as a way to become more athletic and healthy, after training regular bodybuilding style, and finding that his blood work was off the charts in the wrong direction.

He moved to Colorado in 2009, and started coaching at CrossFit SoCo, where he worked alongside and under 2008 Olympians Natalie and Casey Burgener, children of Coach Mike Burgener (as in, the warmup!), and also had the luck of working with Olympian Carissa Gordon and one of Coach Burgener’s lead trainers, Erin Okonek. Afterwards, he moved to CT, where he met Rob Orlando (former games athlete and head of CF Strongman seminars), and began training at Hybrid Athletics, a very notable gym in CT.

He went back to Colorado briefly to work on an army contract where his group was tasked with giving 600 soldiers a 3-week level one type class, training soldiers that were deploying soon to perform their jobs better, and hopefully helped save some lives on the way.

He was hired back to Hybrid as a full time coach and seminar staff for the Crossfit strongman certifications, and travelled in the US and abroad, leading groups through proper execution of strongman movements.

He was hired to take over as Head Coach at CrossFit Alpharetta in early 2012... And the rest is History!

Now he is prepared to take CrossFit Alpharetta to the next level as Owner and Head Coach. He looks forward to continuing the fantastic community we have built in the new location in 2014 and the years to come!