Chuck Wiles

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer | CrossFit Mobility

Before CrossFit, I was a just about a semi-pro couch potato; the only exercise I had was 3 three month subscription to a globo-gym and taking the trash out once or twice a week. Video games, beer, and pizza turned me into a weak bag of fat.

By chance, my roommate walked past the old Alpharetta location and stepped inside. When he got home that night, he suggested we join, and just like that, I said, “Sure, why not?” By the next week, we were scheduled to take the 101 course. When I stepped inside, I was a bit nervous, but we made it through the first day and I never looked back.

This is where I met Avery, of who later suggested we become coaches, and I started studying about movement and technique. I have learned to enjoy lifting and sweating and becoming tired, of which I never thought I would.