The Man in the Mirror

When you look into the mirror what do you see? I can tell you what I see- I see a chubby teen with glasses, semi-athletic (usually picked 3rd or 4th in gym class), average student, who was dateless to homecoming, and uses comedy to fit in. Is that really who I am today? If not, why am I seeing this image in the mirror even now closing in on my 40s?

Coach Justin was always searching for the GAINZ!!!

Coach Justin was always searching for the GAINZ!!!

The truth is almost none of what I see in the mirror is close to reality of either who I was or who I have become. I am a 38 year old man, stronger and leaner than most in my age range. I have studied fitness and would consider myself pretty smart in that field. I still have glasses, and I have an incredible woman in my life.

Gainz found!!!

Gainz found!!!

Why is is it that we fail to see what’s really being reflected? Now matter how great people tell me I am or look, I choose to focus on the negative things. I see a fat belly- I do not see the veins in my arms and legs, but I don’t see the large deposits of muscle all over my body of which I have worked hard for. I see terrible teeth and struggle to smile in pictures neglecting to see the effect of that smile on the people who care about me.

I am starting to realize that this viewpoint is all about my choice mentality. I am choosing to look at the negatives instead of the positives. I think most of us deep down are still that scared kid looking back at ourselves in the mirror. Let’s challenge ourselves to look at what we have become through life.

We are not the number on the scale; we are not the weight on the barbell; we are not the number of zeros on our paycheck.

We are the relationships we have built, the choices we make each day, the lasting impacts we have on the world. Learn to value the things that really matter and not focus on the negatives we perceive each day. Choose to be happy! Happiness is a choice.

We are strong, powerful humans! I know this because I see you all succeed daily, weekly, and monthly at CFA. It’s so easy for others to see this from the outside. The hard part is for us to embrace this internally. I want us to start looking at the positives. No more, “That wasn’t RX,” or, “That wasn’t a PR.” No more, “I look terrible in shorts,” or, “I failed at my diet this weekend.” You showed up and worked hard! You can change anything you want in this moment. If you gave it your all, that’s a pretty amazing accomplishment that you should be proud of. Starting NOW, focus on the positives, and I think you will be shocked at how you feel.

“Because you’re good enough, you’re smart enough, and doggone it! People like you!”

-Jack Handy

Coach Justin