Shower WOD

Showering is super important, but it could be more about WHAT you are doing in the shower. Now that I have your attention, we can get down to what we really should be thinking about and taking action to do it. Your hands are one of your more forgotten appendages on your body, and they need to be taking priority. It used to be one of the coolest rights of passage of CrossFit to have your hands torn so much that you're bleeding and looking awesome due to some gnarly movements like pull-ups, barbell work, or muscle ups. While it is terrific and pretty amazing to have those movements, it's not so cool when you're ailing and can’t train for the next two weeks because you can't grip or place your hands on the bar or rig as you're in the process of healing. Not to mention the effect torn hands can have on your personal life!

Don't let your hands suffer this fate!!! Take care of them and they will take care of you!

Don't let your hands suffer this fate!!! Take care of them and they will take care of you!

Rewind... Do yourself a favor and start using a pumice stone in the shower on those rough hands- everyone who shakes your hand will appreciate it, not to mention how much better those hands will feel without tears or open wounds. Make it a habit every time you're in the shower or bath to shave down those thick calluses. You have thirty seconds to spare while sudsing up as it will save the next two weeks of heartache if you don't do it now. This little bit of hand pre-hab care will go a long way towards battling those evil callouses.

Other recommendations for taking care of your hands:  callous shaver, Pedi Egg, foot scrubber, Amope Pedi Perfect Foot File, etc. If you want to get super fancy, Google "CrossFit hand care," and a million tools will pop up for your hand needs. You may even want to consider purchasing gymnastic grips if tearing is off limits for you. 

If and or when you tear,  post-injury care involves daily treatment with Aquaphor. Using Neosporin, vaseline, & other lubricants will not help to heal but hinder. The alcohols in these products will dry up the wound. When your wound is in the process of healing and it starts to dry out each time you open and close your hand you risk re-opening that tear and starting from square one.  A dab of Aquaphor a few times per day to  the open wound and covering with a bandaid will accelerate the healing process. Do it- take care of yourself now so you can live to WOD another day!

Coach L